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Product Care & Maintenance


  • Ensure that the garment is turned inside out first. Wash your tee / sweatshirts / hoodies / sequin top in cold water on a delicate/gentle cycle.
  • We highly recommend that you wash these items ALONE to avoid agitation of the design against other garments.
  • We recommend using detergent specifically made for the gentle cycle. Using those detergent pods can stain your clothes.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Lay flat or hang dry in order to maintain the shape of the item.
  • If the item contains a rhinestone/bling drawstring, REMOVE THE DRAWSTRING PRIOR to washing. While the drawstring is waterproof, we highly recommend removing it so it will last much longer.
  • We strongly recommend having your cardigan dry cleaned.
  • For apparel with a chenille patch, if the patch becomes dirty, you can spot clean the patch with a soft toothbrush or other small soft brush along with dish soap and cold water prior to washing it; wash the item by itself! Do NOT wash it with other items.
  • Do not place in the dryer - lay item flat to dry. If you need to iron the garment that has a patch, remember to place something over it to further protect it. 

Pearl Collar:

  • Hand wash or professional dry clean.

Drinking Mugs:

  • Carefully handwash the mugs - do not place them in the dishwasher.
  • For the color-change mug, do not place it in the microwave as extreme temperatures may prevent the color change from occurring.

#CharmedForDST Jewelry:

  • Store jewelry separately in a tarnish-resistant pouch and keep away from abrasive surfaces.
  • Handle charms and bracelet with care. Be extra careful not to drop them on the floor or knock them against hard surfaces as this could damage them.
  • Remove jewelry prior to swimming, bathing and other sporting/physical activities and limit contact with make-up, creams, perfume and lotions.
  • Polish your jewelry frequently with the cleaning cloth (enclosed with your order) to maintain the jewelry's shine. Avoid silver dips, polishing liquids, ultrasonic cleaning and strong chemicals.