Extraordinary Symbols would love to supply unique Delta paraphernalia for your custom order! Please note these orders take approximately 4  - 8 weeks to complete depending on the items ordered and the amount of custom orders we have on the schedule during the time your order is placed. This time frame is based on when we receive the final payment for the group.

Our minimum order quantity is as follows:

  • Custom lapel pins/keychains: 30
  • Tees: 24
  • Sweatshirts: 36
  • Tees or Sweatshirts w/upgraded decoration (chenille, rhinestones): 50
  • Blazers with custom lining: 50

**PLEASE NOTE: custom orders do NOT include design servicesYou must be very clear about the design wanted for your custom item(s). We will provide a mockup of your design; however, we DO NOT CREATE a design for you. Creation of a design and/or excessive mockups will incur a design fee of $300.

For serious inquiries only, complete the form below and we will connect with you within 24 - 48 hours.