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The DSTinctive Tote Bag FAQs

1. How big is the bag and what is it made out of?
When fully shaped, the bag measures approximately 18" wide, 13.5" tall, and 10" deep. The bag (along with the shipping box) weighs close to 5 pounds. The bag is made of thick EVA plastic about a quarter of an inch thick. It has a rubber-like texture. When the bag first arrives, it may sink towards the middle from shipping; do not be alarmed. As you begin to fill the bag with items, it will revert to its original shape.
2. Are the greek letters printed on both sides?
No - only one side.
3. Do the charms come with the bag?
No - they must be purchased separately.
4. If I already had the Croc-like charms, will they fit in the holes of the tote bag?
This is difficult to answer with 100% certainty because we have no idea from where you purchased your charms but we do believe most shoe charms/jibbitz will fit the bag.
5. When will the bag ship?
We will follow our normal shipping procedures and ship the bag within 5 - 7 business days of the order date via UPS. This is subject to change based on the volume of orders we have over the next 2 weeks.
The bag (along with the shipping box) weighs close to 5 pounds so the UPS shipping cost is higher than you would normally pay. But we have secured a fair rate with UPS and are passing those savings on to you.
Quantities are limited so we highly suggest you order right away, especially if you want the tote prior to National Convention next month.
6. How do I care for/clean the bag?
To maintain a perfectly shaped DSTinctive Tote Bag, please avoid leaving it in places where it would be constantly exposed to extreme heat, as this may cause the bag to warp.
To wash your DSTinctive Tote Bag, water will do the trick. For messier spills, use mild soap and water or a simple antibacterial/baby wipe.
The straps/handles do twirl or twist around. They are not broken or defective! Just untwirl/untwist them back to the original position.
Do NOT under any circumstance attempt to remove the straps as you may break the white button snaps and damage the bag. We do not offer replacement snaps or handles. If you use the bag properly, the white button snaps and handles will remain in place. 
7. Can I take the bag on an airplane?
Contact your airline for exact size allowances. The bag does not fold.
8. How do I remove my charms from the bag?
Once you place your charms in the desired position and you want to remove them, simply use your thumb to push it back through the hole from the inside of the bag. The white button snaps should not be tampered with so please leave them alone. You could damage your bag. We do not have replacements. Please read the refund/return policy HERE.