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Monday Mindset Dispatch

You Are Never Alone

I wanted to share a nugget that I read this weekend by Neale Walsch that serves as the perfect reminder for those of us who often feel alone during the...

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Shake the Fear Off!

With 35 days left until the new year, I want to bring up a topic so you can decide to resolve it once and for all: FEAR. Some say fear...

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Shift Your Mindset to Gratitude

During the Thanksgiving holiday, it is common for many people to sometimes dread all of the preparation and work that goes into making Thanksgiving a memorable time for their families....

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Past Mistakes Don't Define You

Have you heard of the Elephant Rope story?   As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held...

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Don't Give Up Now!

Hey there! Be encouraged today to persevere through difficulty and be adaptable in order to achieve your heart's desires. Take a listen at our Monday Mindset Dispatch #5 HERE.

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